Reading – Fred Jandras

First off, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Barrera for giving us all the privilege to have known their son arty. 

Arty was one of the most kindhearted people and he was loved by every single person that he encountered.

In Arty’s everyday life the only complaint he had was that you were leaving him too early, even if it was 2am on a Tuesday; he only ever wanted to be surrounded by the people he loved.

I’ll Words can’t explain how Arty’s death has and will continue to impact all of our lives. As for me, the hardest part is going to be not getting a phone call from Arty every single day after work because he just wanted to chill or go to Atlantic City to gamble the night away, followed by an excursion to eat at the most lavish restaurant we could find at a casino.

Arty loved the little things in life and it is truly a shame that I wasn’t lucky enough to have met arty earlier in my life. But, I can say I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to have known arty for the person that he was. Once you got him out him out of his shell there was no going back; he never turned his back on you he was stuck to you like glue.

Heartbreakingly, I am going to miss having Arty’s parents yell at all of us to keep it down or stop slamming the door! I already miss going to Tyler’s house and helping/supervising as they called it when they would put all of Arty’s project cars together because man did arty love a project. I will always remember when we would ride around the neighborhood on snow days drifting the day away with everyone.

Laughingly I will miss stealing Janelle’s car with him to go on an adventure because we both loved giving Tyler a project work on to test his skills. I’m going to miss you most of all because you’re the one who got me out of my own shell, if it wasn’t for you Arty I don’t think I ever would have had the courage to get up on this stage and talk to all of you.

As sad as it is that arty has died he will ALWAYS live on in all of our memories and we all should be able to sleep well knowing that we all have A truly remarkable guardian angel watching over us.

Arty you were the best friend I never realized I had, for the simple fact that I looked at you as my family. We have done so much together even if it was just sitting on a couch with you wasting the days away. I’ll never forget you Arty and it truly is a shame that our story must end here, but I know that this isn’t a goodbye it’s just a see you later.

I love you my brother and I know you are in peace and tranquility watching over every single last one of us.